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Type applicaion service industry
EI laminations

Stereo, DVD and voltage transformers;

Automation equipment of industry transformers;

Stabilizer of fluorescent lamp, the desk lamp;

Computer power voltage stabilizer (UPS) ;

Convertor of New energy such as solar energy, wind energy;

The high iron steady voltage apparatus.

various of transformers、stabilizers and Convertors Manufacturer

Motor laminations

Small electric apparatuses of family expenses such as various fans, fruit juice mixer, electric heater,etc.;

Big electrical home appliances of family expenses such as air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine,etc.;

The family expenses and industry pump such as water pumps, hydraulic pump;

Various industrial three phases and single different step electrical machinery;

Drive motor of office supplies such as OA, ODD,etc.;

The computer and heat dissipation motors of different apparatus;

The car is by various start, dispel the heat, electronic motor

industrial automation (industry 4.0) Various transmission motors of the apparatus

various of family expenses、industrial machinery,Office Automation Device and Automotive Industry