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Type Applicaion Service industry
EI laminations Stereo, DVD and voltage  transformers;
Automation equipment of industry transformers;
Stabilizer of fluorescent lamp, the desk lamp;
Computer power voltage stabilizer (UPS) ;
Convertor of New energy such as solar energy, wind energy;
The high iron steady voltage apparatus.
Various of transformers, stabilizers and convertors manufacturer
Motor laminations Small household electrical appliances such as various fans, fruit juice mixer, electric heater,etc.;
Big household electrical appliances such as air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine,etc.;
The household and industrial pumps such as water pumps, hydraulic pump;
Various industrial three-phase and single-phase asynchronous electrical motor;
Drive motor of office supplies such as OA, ODD,etc.;
The heat dissipation motors of computers or other apparatus;
The motors used in machine startup,heat dissipation and other electronic machine of car industry .
Various transmission motors of the apparatus in Industrial automation (industry 4.0) 
Various of fhousehold electrical appliances, industrial machinery,office automation device and automotive industry
Sliver TFT-LCD backlight board, box, PC chassis, server chassis, NB parts, CPU heat sink, communication parts, auto parts, etc. Auto parts, household electrical appliances, hardware , construction part industry etc.